DUNE Exchange Terms of Use

DUNE Exchange Service is a service platform which is a trading environment for the spot purchase and sale of Digital Tokens. Trade of Cryptocurrency or Digital Token on the Platform are settled by transmission of the full amount of Digital Tokens by a User to another User and vice versa. You can use the trading features of the DUNE Exchange through your 'Wallet.' User acknowledges and agrees that DUNE provides a trading platform that allows orders of a User to be matched with the orders of other Users. Orders may be partially filled or may be filled by a number of orders, depending on the trading activity at the time an order is placed. The Tokens that are available for trade/exchange through DUNE Exchange may have high or low value, transaction volume, liquidity, and volatility at any time. User acknowledges that the exchange rate information provided in DUNE Exchange may differ from exchange rates made available by third parties. Also, the actual market rate at the time of your trade/transaction may be different from the indicated rate depending on the velocity of trading in the Tokens involved in your trade. You agree that DUNE is not liable for price fluctuations or differences in actual versus indicated rates.

DUNE does not control the underlying software which blockchain networks are formed and Tokens are created and transacted. The underlying software for blockchain networks is generally open source such that any user may use, modify, and distribute. By using the Services, you acknowledge and agree that DUNE is not responsible for operation of the underlying software and networks that support Tokens and that DUNE makes no guarantee of functionality, security, or availability of such software and networks; and that the underlying protocols are subject to sudden changes in operating rules, and that such Forks may materially affect the value, function, and/or even the name of the Tokens you store in your Account. In the event of a Fork, you agree that DUNE may temporarily suspend the Services and that DUNE may, in its sole discretion, configure or reconfigure its systems or decide not to support the Forked network entirely, provided, however, that you will have an opportunity to withdraw Tokens on at least one of still existent underlying networks. You acknowledge and agree that DUNE assumes absolutely no responsibility whatsoever in respect of any underlying software protocols, whether Forked or not.

DUNE may delist any Token from its Exchange Platform at any time in its sole discretion. A transaction on the Platform may fail for several reasons, including but not limited to change in seller prices, insufficient margin, or unanticipated technical difficulties. There is no warranty by DUNE that the transaction of Token will always be completed. It is possible that your. User here by agrees that it shall not hold DUNE liable for any damages arising from an incomplete, rejected transfer or any transaction failure. Further, DUNE has no responsibility to inform you of a transaction failure.

DUNE may refuse to execute any transaction which is exceeding limitation or under restrictions at any time in its sole discretion without notice. DUNE also reserves the right to refuse to process and/or to cancel any transaction if the transaction may, under DUNE sole discretion, involves money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud, or any other type of illegal activities.

DUNE, under its capacity, may correct, reverse, or cancel any transaction impacted which contains error in processing. DUNE Exchange is a platform for cryptocurrency. DUNE does not offer Service of fiat currency exchange. Any fiat currency mentioned in DUNE Exchange or other Service is for reference only.